WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Vapowire Kanthal A1 Ribbon Flat Wire 0.8 x 0.1 mm (30ft Spool)
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Introducing Vapowire, the highest quality rebuildable atomizer wire available today! This wire is made in the USA and comes in 30 foot lengths for maximum vaping pleasure and reduced re-order intervals. This product is definitely a premium choice for RBA fans throughout the community and is quickly gaining traction throughout the community. NOT all Kanthal is the same, try this premium wire today for a vaping experience unlike anything you've tried in the past.

Why choose Vapowire?

• Made in the USA

• 100% machine wound spools for maximum wire life and minimal contaminants

• Highest quality vaping experience

What Makes Flat (Ribbon) Wire So Special?

The vaping community has started working with the flat ribbon wire because it has some advantages over the traditional round wire that is being widely used at this time.

Produces More Vapor

For an equivalent length of resistance wire at equivalent resistance values, the flat ribbon wire will have more surface area in contact with the wick when compared with the round wire. This means increased vapor production from your vaporizer.

Reduces Hot Spots

Another benefit to using flat ribbon wire is a reduced occurrence of hot spots on your coils. The flatness and thickness of the wire makes it easier to evenly coil the wire, thus resulting in more even distribution of heat production across the coil.

Package Details:

1 x 30 ft. Machine Wound Spool of Vapowire (Flat 0.8 X 0.1mm)

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