WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Smoktech DCT Replacement Tank Cartomizer - 2.5Ω Dual Coil - Dual Hole

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These replacement tank cartomizers fit inside of your DCT tank. These cartomizers work with the DCT cartomizer tanks that we offer here and should be compatible with any standard 45mm DCT. 

Dual holes in the cartomizer allow for maximum liquid flow to the coils and tend to yield better results in use. Please remember that all tank cartomizers must be properly primed before use. If you fail to prime your new tank cartomizer before using it, the coil(s) will burn and the cartomizer may not be able to be used again without the underlying burnt taste.

The Dual Coil 2.5Ω cartomizer should be used on batteries with a capacity of 650mAh or higher ONLY.

Contents: 2.5Ω Dual Coil - Dual Hole Replacement Tank Cartomizer

Package Size: Individually Packaged Cartomizer - Sold Per Cartomizer

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