WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NicTrace™ E-Liquid Tracking

How NicTrace™ Works:

To look up the nicotine lot number for your e-liquid product, please find the 7-10 digit lot or batch number located on your bottle of e-liquid. Enter this number in the field below and click lookup to perform the search. Results will be available below for immediate download. Once your lot numbers are found within the NicTrace™ system, your results will be delivered in the form of .pdf files for you to download and view. If you are unable to find documents for your product, please double check the number you are entering into the search. It the event that the LOT or batch number you have entered does not show any results, please contact us so we can assist you in getting this documentation.

NicTrace™ Background Information:

Developed by Texas Select Vapor for the sole purpose of providing customers with a level of e-liquid quality assurance unmatched in the current e-liquid industry. Knowing the base ingredients of your bottle of e-liquid is crucial in understanding the level of quality and consistency you can expect from our product(s). NicTrace™ is available for every bottle of e-liquid that leaves our facility. Whether you’ve purchased directly from us, or through an authorized retailer, you can count on the ability to use NicTrace™ to learn more about your e-liquid product.

We hope that our commitment to quality is evident to consumers by the detail, transparency, and thoroughness of the documents that we make available to the public. While not all products will include the same type or structure of documentation, some of the documents may include (but are not limited to):

  • Master Batch Records (MBR)
  • Nicotine Certificate(s) of Analysis (COA)
  • Third-Party Nicotine Density Testing
  • Propylene Glycol Certificate(s) of Analysis (COA) and Kosher Certification(s)
  • Glycerin Certificate(s) of Analysis (COA) and Kosher Certification(s)
  • Third-Party Finished Product Analysis (Diketone Testing)