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SubTank Vertical OCC Coils

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SubTank Vertical OCC Coils

One thing that people love about the Kanger SubTank series of clearomizer is the convenience. The SubTank clearomizers deliver great vapor production, excellent flavor, and offer all of this in a convenient format. Once you reach the lifespan of your SubTank's coil, no need to rebuild, simply pop in a new OCC coil head and you're ready to get back on your way. While there are several sub-ohm formatted clearomizers available on the market, few of them deliver consistency like the Kanger SubTank Series do.

Please note: The 1.5Ω Vertical OCC Coils are ONLY compatible with the SubTank Mini and SubTank Plus clearomizers.
We do not accept returns or exchanges on coils due to compatibility problems on the customer's behalf. Compatibility is clearly stated.

SubTank Vertical Coils vs. Regular SubTank OCC Coils

The revised version of the Kanger SubTank Coil has arrived in a format that we're starting to see more and more often, Vertical Coil. By positioning the coil vertically within the SubTank coil head, you're going to experience better airflow through the coil because of less air resistance. Think of your airflow coming in at the base of the SubTank and immediately hitting an obstruction of the inner coil and wick because of it's horizontal positioning inside the coil head (as was the case with previous versions of the SubTank OCC coil). The Vertical OCC Coil solves this problem by positioning the coil vertically inside of the coil head, taking the Organic Cotton wick out from the middle of the coil and wrapping it around the outsides of the coil. Now, when you draw air through the base of the SubTank, it channels through an unobstructed pathway from intake to drip tip, thus improving airflow. Not that the previous style coils did not perform great, these just offer better airflow, and better airflow = better vapor production. Due to the unique position of the coil, many users experience better flavor production from this type of setup as well.

SubTank Vertical OCC Design

Engineered with the user in mind, the Kanger SubTank Vertical OCC coil can now be used more conveniently for vapers that prefer the Mouth-To-Lung style of vaping. The 1.5Ω Vertical OCC coil has a smaller diameter wrap to help provide a better vaping experience to those users. While the sub ohm version is designed for volumous clouds, you can now vape both ways using the same SubTank Mini or SubTank Plus clearomizer.

*Price is for a package of 5 Genuine Kanger SubTank Vertical OCC Coils

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