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Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0

Brand: Innokin
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Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0

The Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 is a game changing device from Innokin, who is also responsible for a number of popular devices in the iTaste series. The SVD 2.0 is no exception to the quality we've come to expect from Innokin, but this device has something that takes it over the top, the EVOLV DNA 20W chipset that powers the SVD 2.0.

Not sure what this means, we'll explain briefly.

The technology used in many of the newer devices (whether from China or the US) feature wattage control or adjustable wattage. This technology was developed and engineered by Evolv Vapor LLC originally for the Darwin advanced personal vaporizer several years ago. The Darwin was the first of it's kind in the vaping industry and really caught the attention of many vapers that thoroughly enjoyed the consistency and flavor that could be achieved with "true" power regulation. After the success of the Darwin, Evolv knew that they needed to capture a wider audience for their products and a $250 Darwin was financially out of reach for a large sector of the market. At this point, the team at Evolv created a drop-in module called the Kick. The Kick from Evolv was a tremendous success, as you could simply drop a 18mm x 25mm circular module into most 18650 mechanical vaporizers and substitute an 18500 battery in place of the 18650 to obtain power regulation in an everyday joe's device. Evolv Vapor LLC went on to create a smaller, mod-builder friendly line of products that utilized the same advanced power regulation technology as the original Darwin and coined the name DNA. When the DNA was first introduced, the power was limited to 12W (seems crazy low right?!) well, at the time, 12W was pretty decent considering the most average devices on the market were eGo batteries and variable functionality was more or less reserved for high end devices. Evolv proceeded to introduce a number of successors to the original DNA board that continually climb in power capability.

Where is this all going?

Innokin recognized the desire for wattage control and introduced it in many of their devices, however, the Chinese manufactured chipsets just didn't compare to the outstanding capabilities and reliability of the Evolv board. Many of the Chinese boards employ a technology for power / voltage regulation called "Pulse Width Modulation" or PWM for short. PWM is not a constant power output, but rather a pulsing power that ramps the output to match your desired setting, drops off, and at an interval, would ramp back up again. This type of power regulation is typical of Chinese devices and often times tends to burn liquid and gives a general displeasure with use. Innokin teamed up with Evolv to create a "modified" or custom DNA chipset to use in their new iTaste SVD 2.0. This is the first time that a commercially made device from China has been offered with a genuine Evolv chipset.

There is no better way to experience vaping at it's finest than with the use of a device that houses a genuine Evolv DNA board. You will taste the difference from your first vape. Aside from the nuts and bolts of the SVD 2.0, it features an awesome carrying case, two different battery tubes, 18350 and 18650 size tubes, 510 or 510-eGo top caps, and a battery tester built into the carrying case.

This product does NOT include the IMR battery required for operation, we recommend using the Samsung INR18650-25R or EH IMR 18350.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 3.2~4.3V

Output Voltage: 2.0~6.3V

Maximum Output Current:6.0A

Maximum Output Wattage:5.0‐20W

Resistance Range Accepted:0.5 ‐3.0 ohm (0.5 Ohm minimum)

Recommended Battery: IMR high drain 18350/18650 (without protection, maximum current > 5000mA.)

The iTaste SVD2.0 cannot use 2 stacked batteries and any other types of batteries may damage your iTaste SVD2.0. 


Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 5.0 – 20.0W in .1 watts increments by pressing “+” and “‐” button.

Lock the selected Wattage (Hold both the "+" and "‐" buttons for five seconds)

After setting your wattage you can lock your settings to prevent accidental changes to your wattage. Press and hold both the + and ‐ buttons for five seconds to lock your settings. The screen will show “POWER LOCKED HOLD UP DOWN “ and current setting parameter of wattage ,Press and hold the "+" and "‐" button for five seconds a second time to unlock. Please note that all other functions (such as ohm check and battery check) are still functional while you have the wattage settings locked.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection (0.5 Ohm).

Battery Checker.

Overheat Protection.

Reverse Polarity Protection.


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