WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-Liquid FAQ

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page about e-liquid. Whether you choose to call it e-liquid, e-juice, or vape fluids, it all means the same thing and is the most frequently used component by vapers. Not all e-liquids are created equal, and there are some very important things to consider when choosing who to trust when it comes to your e-liquid.

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Frequently asked questions about e-liquid from Texas Select Vapor


E-Liquid is the component of the electronic cigarette that is vaporized to deliver nicotine (if ordered with nicotine) and produce vapor that mimics that of smoke from a traditional cigarette. While you can find a wide array of e-liquid flavors from various manufacturers, Texas Select Vapor e-liquid is the highest quality that you will ever experience! This component is often offered in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths that accommodate the consumer of the product. E-liquid should only be used by adults that are current smokers and understand the risks involved with the use of these products.


Nicotine strength should be determined by the consumer. Typically you will almost always start with a nicotine strength lower than that of which you feel you need. By starting with a lower level nicotine, you can make a determination of which nicotine strength will suite your vaping habits. We offer a variety of nicotine strengths with categorizations accompanying each strength.

  • 0.0mg/ml (0.0% by vol.)
  • 3.0mg/ml (0.3% by vol.)
  • 6.0mg/ml (0.6% by vol.)
  • 12.0mg/ml (1.2% by vol.)
  • 18.0mg/ml (1.8% by vol.)
  • 24.0mg/ml (2.4% by vol.)


There are 4 main ingredients that are blended to create e-liquid:

  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL (C3H8O2): Used as a base ingredient to promote flavor consistency and as a diluent for the other ingredients. Also referred to as PG, this component attributes to the throat hit of the liquid.
  • GLYCERIN (C3H8O3): Used as a base ingredient to vapor production and as a diluent for the other ingredients. Also referred to as VG, this component attributes to the mouth feel of the liquid and it's consistency.
  • (L) NICOTINE (C10H14N2): The ingredient used to satisfy the craving for nicotine. E-Liquids can be ordered with or without nicotine and when ordered with higher nicotine percentages, the throat hit will be intensified.
  • FLAVORING: Any given e-liquid may contain as few as one artificial or natural flavoring or may contain several or these flavorings. The commercial flavorings that we use are FEMA/GRAS (*where applicable) approved for use in food products. *Some flavorings may not be FEMA/GRAS approved for use in food because these flavorings would never be used in food products; ie. artificial tobacco flavorings.


Finding the perfect e-liquid for you is going to depend on a couple different factors, but to keep things simple, let's determine which kind of vaper you are.

  • MOUTH-TO-LUNG: When you inhale, you first bring the vapor or smoke into your mouth (imagine "kissing" the e-cigarette) and once your mouth is full of vapor, you inhale the vapor to your lungs.If you are this type of vaper, you're likely going to want a slightly higher nicotine level than someone who vapes direct to lung. You'll also want to check out our standard line of e-liquids as they are blended at a 70% PG level to deliver an excellent amount of flavor and throat hit that mouth hitters tend to really enjoy!
  • DIRECT-TO-LUNG:When you take a draw or drag from your e-cigarette (or cigarette if you do not currently vape), your lungs fill with vapor simultaneously (at the same time) with your inhale.If you vape direct-to-lung, you're likely going to want a lower nicotine level because the the hit will be much stronger than someone who vapes mouth-to-lung. Customers that vape like you do consider our Trail Chaser line of e-liquids a great fit because they offer increased levels of VG (smoother hit) and they easily produce large volumes of vapor.


Any product used improperly will almost always result in an unsafe product. That being said, the consumer should only use e-cigarettes after consulting your physician to see if you are healthy enough to use electronic cigarettes. E-liquids that are ordered with nicotine should be treated responsibly.E-Liquid warnings can be found here


E-Liquid can be used without nicotine. In fact, there are many electronic cigarette users who vape without nicotine. With electronic cigarettes, people that want to remove their dependency from nicotine can do so without the use of nicotine. Our e-liquids are offered with a choice in nicotine strength or with no nicotine at all, which is referred to as 0MG / 0.0% strength.


Some e-liquids vary in color based on one or more factors. The biggest contributor to the color of any given e-liquid is the level of oxidation of the nicotine suspended in the compound. Nicotine oxidizes when exposed to oxygen in the environment and can be affected by heat as well. Higher nicotine content liquids will grow darker at a faster rate than those with lower concentrations of nicotine. Flavorings also contribute to the color of an e-liquid. Some flavorings vary in color and this can have an affect on the color of the finished e-liquid. While Texas Select Vapor tries to avoid any commercial flavoring containing food coloring, some flavoring companies use food coloring in flavors and if an equivalent flavoring is not commercially available, we may be limited to using a flavoring that contains food coloring. We do not use additional food coloring in any of our liquids.


Vapor production will vary based on the e-liquid being used as well as the device being used. Advanced personal vaporizers tend to yield higher amounts of vapor than stick style e-cigs and the type of atomizer can play a large part in vapor production as well. Our standard line of e-liquid is mixed with 30% Glycerin content which typically yields generous amounts of vapor. Nicotine content has almost nothing to do with vapor production so please keep in mind that increasing your nicotine strength will not yield more vapor. If you're looking into cloud chasing and using dripping atomizers, we recommend our Trail Chaser E-Liquid line. Trail Chaser is made with at least 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and produces the most vapor of any of our e-liquid products.


People that are new to vaping often notice a change in the way that their throat feels, this is to be expected because you're using something that creates vapor rather than smoke. The ingredients in e-liquid are humectants, which means that while they are considered great for moisture retention, they also attract moisture. Since your vaping these liquids and the natural path to your lungs is through your throat, some people experience minor throat irritation (dry throat, itchy throat). For most users, these symptoms go away very quickly (as their throats adapt to vaping), but we cannot stress enough that you should always drink plenty of water when using your vaporizer. Drinking water will help to alleviate some of the throat irritation that you may experience initially. As always, you should consult a doctor prior to using electronic cigarettes as they may not be a good fit for you.

*Required disclaimer: If you feel that you are experiencing an allergic reaction to vaping (swelling, rashes, hives, etc), discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately. Although rare, some users may experience allergic reactions to one or more chemicals used in the creation of e-liquid.