WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Vegetable Glycerin - USP Grade
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Looking for just plain Vegetably Glycerin to use in your mixes or to add some body to another e-juice you already have? Grab yourself a 30ml bottle of pure USP / Kosher Grade Vegetable Glycerin and let the experimentation begin!

This product can be vaped directly if you choose, however, it'l likely a bit thick for vaping on anything other than possibly a dripping atomizer.

This product is USP / Kosher Grade, however, it is NOT USP / Kosher certified. What's the difference? Let us explain:

USP / Kosher "Certified" means that the product meets USP guidelines for purity and is packaged in a facility that is also USP certified.

USP / Kosher "Grade" means that the product is repackaged from a certified container (often 55 gallon drum or 250 gallon tote) and the original container is USP / Kosher certified. When this process is done by a facility that has NOT obtained USP Certification, that product cannot legally state that it is USP Certified.

This product has COA documentation available through NicTrace™. Enter the lot number from your bottle to pull up the spec sheet for that specific lot of glycerin that we received.


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