WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • DIY Cooling Boost Additive (10ml) by Texas Select Vapor

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Texas Select Vapor

A simple cooling boost additive that you can now add to your own e-liquids. By adding this product to your finished e-liquid in very small amounts, you will get a cooling effect similar to that of menthol without the actual "mint" flavor that you find with menthol. This product is NOT intended to be used directly, it should only be used as an additive to your existing finished e-liquid. We also recommend that this product only be used by those that have prior knowledge of liquid measurement and are using adequate equipment for their measurements.

Product Size: 10mL

Example Use:

Notes: A little goes a long way, so start with the minimal amount and test before adding more. We suggest NOT exceeding 5% total per bottle. The following approximate amounts are based on a liquid density / gravity of: 1.04 @ 25°C. For higher accuracy, you should base your measurements on weight using specific gravity with gravimetric measurement methods. 

1% Boost

  • 30ml : 9 drops or (0.312g)
  • 50ml : 15 drops or (0.520g)
  • 120ml : 36 drops or (1.248g)

2% Boost

  • 30ml : 18 drops or (0.624g)
  • 50ml : 30 drops or (1.040g)
  • 120ml : 72 drops or (2.496g)

3% Boost

  • 30ml : 27 drops or (0.936g)
  • 50ml : 45 drops or (1.560g)
  • 120ml : 108 drops or (3.744g)
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