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Are e-cigs what they once were?

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Since the birth of electronic cigarettes well over ten years ago, vaping has overcome many obstacles and has changed dramatically. Once a simplistic device created as an alternative nicotine delivery system, e-cigarettes have continually evolved with new features, designs, and safety mechanisms.

The Stick (Cig-A-Like) Style:
E-Cigs started as a stick battery design that mimicked the looks of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The first version was a three-piece design (referred to as a three-piece e-cig) featuring a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge intended to hold an absorbent wicking material soaked in e-liquid. The earliest versions of the cig-a-like devices were known as an automatic which means that they relied on a drag sensor to tell the battery when to activate. Many vapers experienced inconveniences with automatic batteries that included unintentional activation in a user's pocket, weak hits, and a vaping experience that wasn't quite enough to satisfy their nicotine cravings. With the vast amount of user feedback, e-cigarette manufacturers simplified the battery to rely on a pushbutton switch instead of the automatic switch. With the introduction of manual batteries, vapers could now control their hits throughout the entire puff.

While the automatic battery version remained available, the manual batteries were much more popular among vapers who regularly used their devices. This three-piece design was very attractive initially and to simply the maintenance schedule for users. Device manufacturers developed a method for combining the atomizer and cartridge into a single unit, the cartomizer. Vapers could purchase these stick style kits consisting of two main components, the battery, and the cartomizer. Of course, you had chargers, cables, etc. but the device itself was quite simple. E-cigarette manufacturers started offering these cartomizers pre-filled with e-liquid where users could go to any convenience store and pick up a five pack of replacement pre-filled cartomizers that would last 1-3 days. With this design, very little maintenance was ever needed by the end-user. This design is still very popular and used by companies like Blu and NJoy for people looking for a no-frills vaping experience. The experience with a cig-a-like device is hardly compelling enough for the average person to stop smoking entirely, but it offers smokers an alternative, and that's what matters.

The eGo Style Vaporizer
Developed by Janty (made popular by Joyetech), the eGo vaporizer solved a critical problem that users faced on a daily basis, battery life. The eGo was designed to be the size of a traditional cigar, which would still be small enough for consumers while adding up to three times the battery life. The eGo was a huge hit and continues to thrive even in today's vaping marketplace. The eGo retained the three-piece design with a battery, atomizer, and a cartridge. The eGo delivered a much more satisfying experience over most of the cig-a-like devices due to its increased battery life, power, and quality of workmanship. The eGo continued to flourish, and some of the advancements are visible in the latest generation eGo batteries. Due to its popularity, the eGo spawned various versions that were made by several e-cigarette manufacturers. Some manufacturers aren't seen as much in today's market, but devices like the Kangertech EVOD still offer quality craftsmanship at an introductory price.

Mods and Advanced Vaporizers
As the industry continued to flourish, e-cigarette users (or vapers as we call ourselves) began to want more. This yearning for more power incentivized creative minds to create "mods" by taking non-standard equipment and building e-cigs out of them. These individuals who re-purposed random things into e-cigarettes are also known as modders. Building mods became a huge market for enthusiast vapers looking for certain qualities in their vaporizers that were not available in pre-made starter kits. As with any other e-cigarette trend, Chinese manufacturers caught on to this demand and started to introduce vaporizers that had features similar to popular mods. This trend started the design and development of uber-capable devices known as Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs for short). APVs feature circuits that enhance a vapers experience with safety features, adjustability, digital display, or almost anything else you can imagine. Most modern APVs feature circuits controlled by micro-processors that utilize firmware based features; some even offer the ability to update that firmware via computer.

The e-cigarette industry is rapidly evolving to meet consumer demand and safety standards. Who knows what they will come up with next? We guess that only time will tell.

Last update: Mar 21, 2016

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