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The Perfect Pair - A Couples Kit!

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Having someone to share the ups and downs of each day is one of life's greatest joys. There’s nothing better than meeting a person to whom you’re profoundly physically attracted to, and finding out that you share the same hobbies. In some cases the same addiction to cigarettes. You can, however, help each other overcome it. If you stay committed and find something you can do together, that will fill in that "need."

There’s something a loving couple can do together instead of smoking. Instead of breathing smoke into the lungs filled with tar and other carcinogens, you can "vape" tasty e-liquids instead. Vaping helps some people dramatically cut cigarette cravings. Vaping is what some may consider "harm reduction," this means it may not be the ideal thing to do, but it may be less harmful than the alternative of smoking traditional tobacco. Nicotine is not required to "vape," in fact, all of our e-liquids are offered in a non-nicotine formulation as well.

To start vaping together, you’ll need to put together a nice starter kit that you can both use and be happy with. You could get separate kits, but that’d take away from the "couple-time" you can benefit from. You want something that’s not too complicated at first. It’s recommended to work your way up. If one of you already "vapes" then you can get something more advanced to share.

We carry a variety of e-cigarettes, but some of our most popular kits are those manufactured by Aspire and Kangertech. Although we offer several other options, both of these manufacturers make great starter kits for all price ranges and experience levels, many of which "could" be shared by couples. The feature to look for is whether or not the kit includes more than one of each component. For instance, if you're sharing an e-cigarette kit, you're going to want to make sure that there are two batteries, two clearomizers, and, at least, one spare replacement coil for each of you.

All kits come with everything you need to start up vaping besides the "e-liquid". Because there are two of you, and we all like different flavors, an e-juice sampler pack is a perfect way to see what you like. You configure your sampler pack including five flavor choices at 6mg/mL strength. With both of you able to sample a variety of flavors, it makes smoking a lot less attractive!

As you can see, vaping can be an incredibly intimate activity for two people. Starting something together, or introducing something that you already enjoy to someone you care about, can bring you closer. It gives you time to catch up with each other after a long day and chat while you vape or it's a nice quiet time together before bed. Whatever time of day you choose to vape with your partner will be a good time.

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