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MasterClass: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

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For this installment of our vaping masterclasses, we’ll be discussing rebuildable dripping atomizers.  Today, you will learn what a rebuildable dripping atomizer is, how it differs from other atomizer types, why rebuildable dripping atomizers are used and recommended safety tips when using rebuildable dripping atomizers.

What Is A Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
A rebuildable dripping atomizer is another type of attachment that is used with vaporizers.  The atomizer allows users to manually build a heating element in the form of a coil, attach it to the atomizers positive and negative posts, which then completes an electric circuit.  Once the battery has been activated, the device then supplies power to the coil.

Though there are two main types of rebuildable atomizers, a dripping atomizer is more commonly used with those who want to produce larger vapor clouds or want to lower vaping costs.  Since users have the ability to build their created coil, they have the control over what resistance level the coil has.  With this being said, users can create a coil with a very low resistance, which will make the coil heat up at quite a rapid pace.

How Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers Differ
Rebuildable dripping atomizers are an extension of products made back in the earlier days of the vaporizer market.  Dripping Atomizers were disposable, meaning that once you became unhappy with the way the atomizer was performing, you could toss it in the trash and purchase another.  Rebuildable dripping atomizers are a bit different, however.  When using a rebuildable dripping atomizer, you’ll manually build and install the coil and wicking material yourself, then once you become unhappy with its performance, you can just remove the coil and wicking material and repeat the building and installing process.

Since the old disposable dripping atomizers are no longer being manufactured, there are no other products like the rebuildable dripping atomizer. Both rebuildable tank atomizers and clearomizers use a tank portion, which doesn’t allow you to manually drip e-liquid onto the coil.  With a rebuildable dripping atomizer, you have the ability to drip e-liquid onto the coil and wicking material, which is great for easily changing e-liquid flavors, as well as easier access to the coil and wick setup.

Why Are Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers Used
Rebuildable dripping atomizers are used and have become highly favored because of the increased user control, their low cost - especially over long periods of use, and because of their high performance.

These attachments offer the best user control in any atomizer.  Users can not only quickly replace a coil of their own, but it can be replaced with a coil they’ve built to their specifications.  Since users have the ability to construct and use these coils as certain specifications, they can reach a high performance where the vapor is plentiful, the flavor is intensified, and throat hit and coil temperature can be adjusted.

Cost is one highly important perk that rebuildable dripping atomizers offer. In fact, it has given many vapers a chance to continue to vape that are on strict budgets.  Being that replacements coils that are used with clearomizers come with quite a hefty price tag compared to the amount of time they last, rebuilding your coils will drastically reduce the amount a vaper spends each month to continue vaping at satisfactory conditions.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Safety
Whenever using a rebuildable dripping atomizer, safety should always become first in mind.  Though the rebuildable atomizers themselves aren’t necessarily dangerous, the users that are operate them can create many risks to themselves and others around them without proper knowledge of their use.  Today, we’re going to list some of the most important tips to be aware of when using a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

  • It is always recommended to first learn ohms law and proper building techniques before attempting to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer.
  • Before using a rebuildable atomizer, it is highly encouraged to purchase an ohm-reader or device that will tell you the resistance of your atomizer before you apply power to it.
  • Always ensure that you’re using a battery that can handle the load you’ll be applying to it with your rebuildable dripping atomizer.

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