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It's Becoming Harder to Defend

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With all the recent media about how vaping is appealing to children, it's becoming increasingly difficult to pretend like this isn't an issue. With so many e-liquid offerings on the marketplace, we're certainly going to see our fair share of irresponsible manufacturers that seem that they could care less how these products are seen by lawmakers, regulators, and more importantly, the youth of America.

When we first noticed that there were news articles surfacing about how vaping is appealing to children and how more and more children are beginning to vape, we all thought this was media outlets taking a stab at our industry. It's becoming increasingly obvious that we do in fact have a problem.

Too many e-liquid manufacturers think they can be the next "big deal" if they rip off the artwork styling or trademark of a well established household name. The lack of creativity and / or the lack of giving a damn is getting rather disturbing and is disgusting.

In a recent Facebook post from Phil Busardo, he shares an image of an e-cig advertisement that was sent to him:

Excuse my language in this post, but in the words of my talented, handsome, pink loving BFF Dimitris... "We're Fucked". Do you support this shit or are you #partoftheproblem. Well, at least it says "WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN" Like a segment of the group this will appeal to can even fucking read.

Phil Busardo

We tend to agree with Phil on this because it's completely irresponsible for any vendor to even consider this method of advertising as appropriate. Not to mention, who the hell wants to vape something that tastes or resembles the taste of a crayon? No thanks, remembering the taste of a crayon, I'd rather not.

As a manufacturer, we have the responsibility to ensure that we are marketing and producing a product that is not aimed at children. Just take a look at AEMSA's website slogan:

AEMSA's fight to keep vaping away from kids.

A leader in advocating responsible manufacturing of e-liquids, AEMSA has posted the bold statement further supporting the need to keep these products away from children.

It's time that every manufacturer do their part to ensure that our industry is not seen as appealing to children, or at least not intentionally doing so.

Last update: Jan 29, 2019

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