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Is Vaping Worth It?

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Many vaping newcomers question the value of e-cigarettes and the investment needed to begin vaping. Will they work for you, what’s the initial investment, and what are the long-term costs associated with vaping? We'll explore some of the most frequent questions so you can decide if vaping is a good investment for you.

Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Millions of health-conscious smokers have been able to escape the clutches of smoking by using electronic cigarettes as an alternative nicotine delivery mechanism. Vaping has become a mainstream alternative to smoking, and its popularity is growing exponentially compared to other NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) methods. Why are e-cigarettes becoming so popular? The user experiences a sensation that mimics the act of smoking, but because it's vaporizing a liquid nicotine solution, many the harmful byproducts of combusting tobacco are not present.

The Initial Investment

The largest part of your investment in e-cigarettes will be your first purchase. The initial cost will include your e-liquid and all the necessary hardware (vape battery, clearomizer, charger, etc.). The cost of the hardware itself will vary based on your personal decision(s), but you're typically better off finding a Starter Kit as your initial vaping setup. Starter kits usually include all the equipment needed to get you going, but you're still going to need some e-liquid to use with your new starter kit.

The Long-Term Cost

With any e-cigarette, you have to factor in the cost of necessary "maintenance" parts and e-liquid refills. What do we mean by maintenance parts? The components of your e-cigarette that will require periodic replacement to keep your new device working like new. These include components such as atomizers or clearomizer coils.

  • The typical lifespan of a clearomizer coil is about one week. Some coils will last you longer than a week, but it's best to expect one week of efficient use per replacement coil.
  • The average vaper uses 10-30 mL (milliliters) of e-liquid in a week with a clearomizer starter kit. If you find that you're using more than 30 mL in any given week, you may need to evaluate your nicotine level and decide if a change in strength would be suitable.
  • As you use your starter kit, you may find that replacement of other components is necessary. These components may include a battery, a USB charger, or your clearomizers. 
  • You should expect to get around 200 charge cycles from your e-cig's battery. Considering the average user will use their battery's full charge at least once per day, you should expect your battery to last around 180 days (or 6 months) from the time you start using it. If you're charging your battery more than once per day, the useful lifespan of your battery may be shorter than 180 days.
  • Your clearomizer will need replacement based on factors such as overall use, stripped threads, or leaky O-rings.
  • Your USB charger should last you for the lifespan of your battery and may exceed the life of your battery by several months. You'll know if your USB charger needs replacement because it will stop charging properly or may stop working altogether.

With all of these things in mind, we ask you to consider the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Factor this cost based on your annual consumption. The average annual cost for a pack-a-day smoker is about $2,375.00 based on a per-pack cost of $6.50 over a 365 day period.

The average costs for getting started with an e-cigarette:

  • Starter kit and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid are about $60.00. 
  • E-liquid costs about $6.50 for a 10mL or $16.50 per 30mL so we'll average the cost at $0.55 per mL used at 20mL per week for an average weekly cost of $11.00.
  • Considering replacement of one coil per week at $2.00 per week (average cost of $10 per 5-pack of coils).
  • Total annual cost for e-liquid and coils is only about $676.00
  • A replacement battery will set you back about $15.00, and if replacing every three months, the total annual cost will be about $60.00.

Give or take, your "approximate" annual cost of vaping is somewhere around $800.00. That's a hell of a lot better than spending almost $2,400 on smoking, and stinking like cigarettes we might add.

After considering the investment and the value of switching to vaping over smoking, you begin to realize something very clear about smoking.

Smoking stinks and switching to vaping might be able to save you around $1,600 per year. We could all use that extra money couldn't we?

Last update: Mar 19, 2016

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