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Rotate Those Flavors!

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When you first start vaping, you’ll run across flavors that are exciting and delicious. You eventually find your all-day-vape, the one that hits the spot, the one that makes you fall in love with vaping. Almost out of nowhere, you begin to notice that you can't taste the e-liquid flavor as much anymore, where did it go?

The first place that users typically point the finger is at the e-liquid itself. While this isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, it's more likely that there's something else going on. You begin to ask yourself, do I need a new coil? Do I need to clean my tank? What do I need to do to bring this "mystical" flavor back to life? The answer is quite simple, switch to another e-liquid flavor.

WHAT, why are you telling me I need to change flavors?
More often than not, vapers get accustomed to the flavor that they're vaping. It's so common, in fact, that we have a word for it, Vaper's Tongue.

  • Vaper’s Tongue: When the tongue gets acquainted with a flavor and the taste becomes unperceivable. The most common fix for vaper’s tongue is to change up your flavor rotation and try something new. For more definitions of the common terms used with vaping, visit our:

Rotating your e-liquid is a crucial part of your experience and satisfaction with electronic cigarettes. If you continue to use the same flavor without ever changing it up, you'll eventually experience vaper's tongue, and your e-liquid may be as satisfying as it once was. The way to avoid this is to rotate your e-liquids from time to time. When you're rotating your e-juice flavors, there's never a dull moment.

Vaping has always been about options, and finding satisfying ways to get away from traditional tobacco. Explore your options, rotate your e-liquids, and most importantly, stay on the smoke-free path!

Last update: Mar 19, 2016

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