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Aspire Nautilus - The New Hit Item

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There are many e-cigarette manufacturers crowding the market, some being more so of a brand and placed as a middleman, some being low key but inventive, while others dominate the market and continuously produce the new hit items… this is the manufacturer we’ll be talking about.

The new hit item of 2014 is the Aspire Nautilus. The Nautilus is made by Eigate - an e-cigarette manufacturer. Much like many of the products within the e-cigarette market and heavily in other markets as well, the Nautilus is China made. However, don’t let that worry you - let me explain why.

Eigate has been very consistent with producing outstanding products. Though their name hardly receives the deserved attention and most of their products become rebranded, they’re best known and praised for the clearomizers they’ve produced - such as the Aspire series. The manufacturer is at the top of their game right now, and though competition is plentiful, the Aspire Nautilus sent a shockwave throughout the e-cig market, setting a new bar with such a high-end product.

It’s almost as if Eigate put out this product as a statement for other manufacturers to see. They’re letting these other manufacturers know that they’ve just begun, and they can produce a product with precise attention to detail and quality, while still holding the title for best performance.

Since Eigate has raised the bar on what high-end is, it’s set a challenge for other manufacturers to compete with. The Aspire Nautilus is a superb clearomizer indeed, but it leads you to wonder what’s to come throughout the rest of the year.

Anyhow, let’s get down to what the Nautilus is and the features it holds:

The Eigate Aspire Nautilus is a bottom dual coil changeable (BDCC) 5mL pyrex glass clearomizer. It sports a polished metal drip tip and top cap. Since the bottom portion of the Nautilus is the most prone to receive any excess e-liquid, the metal is made from stainless steel. The Nautilus has modern appearance, but it doesn’t end with just good looks.

This high-end tank also has features to make it worth its price, and a new complex design vaper’s are already raving about. Not only is the Nautilus a bottom dual coil tank, but the design of it is far beyond what any other tank offers. The holes in its coil sit just above where the coil screws into the bottom cap, and the coil itself sits very low in that bottom cap - this allows the user to be able to vape the e-liquid in the tank down to the very last drop, as opposed to other tanks that have the holes in the coil about ¼ inch above the bottom. It’s a marvelous design, and it becomes apparent that Eigate really took the time to perfect it.

In closing, the Aspire Nautilus is a stellar clearomizer all around. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality, design, appearance and performance match the hefty price tag. When you purchase any Aspire product, you’re getting greatness… however, when you purchase the Aspire Nautilus, you’re getting the best. - The new hit item, the Aspire Nautilus.

Last update: Jan 21, 2019

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