WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • SXmini M Class Mod

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Perhaps one of the most anticipated releases from YiHi, the SXmini M Class Box Mod is in a class of it's own. With so many incredible features to talk about, it's hard to decide where to begin.

Powered By YiHi SX350J Processor

The newest evolution in micro-processor controlled power regulation circuitry from YiHi, the SX350J chipset features a wide array of improvements over previous models. On the SX350J board, you'll find variable wattage and temperature control functionality. Each of the two "top level" modes have "sub level" modes that you can choose from.

Variable Wattage / Power Mode

Adjustable from 5W - 60W (supports 0.08 - 3.00 Ω Atomizer Resistance)

Vapers can choose to regulate their devices output up to 60W of power. Choose from 4 power setting modes "Soft", "Standard", "Powerful" and "Powerful+" to dial in exactly how you prefer your device to achieve the desired wattage setting. You can use the built in up and down buttons to adjust your wattage or choose to use the built in gravity sensor to make your adjustments. The chipset that is used in the SXmini M Class is actually capable of up to 120W but requires stacked batteries and an additional extension tube *sold separately (which we recommend against for safety reasons).

Temperature Setting Mode (Joule Mode)

Adjustable from 10J - 50J (200° - 580° F / 100° - 300° C) (supports 0.12 - 1.00 Ω Atomizer Resistance)

A feature that is being seen more and more on newer devices, temperature setting mode allows you to choose your desired coil temperature so the device will regulate to the actual temperature of the vape rather than just by wattage. The benefit that this gives the user is that when running in temperature mode, your coils will deliver consistent temperature so you can be sure you aren't overheating your builds.

Built-In Advanced Notification Features

The SXmini M Class has an array of device notification features including:
- Reverse Polarity Detection
- Output Short Detection
- Low Resistance Detection
- Low Battery Voltage Detection
- Internal Temperature Protection
- Dry Coil Condition Notification

Included With The SXmini M Class

- SXmini M Class Device
- Mini USB Charging Cable (same cable used for firmware updates)
- User Manual
- Warranty Card (Must be registered when you receive the device in order to obtain warranty service)

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