WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Story

Texas Select Vapor is not your average e-cigarette shop, we are a source of knowledge and experience that you can rely on for all your vaping needs. With over 7 years experience in this industry, we have the know-how to guide you through getting started, maintaining, and getting the most out of your vaping lifestyle.

Starting out just like 99% of every other ex-smoker did, we were a little bit leery of the thought of using electronic cigarettes. Not really so much the concept, but understanding the true components of the so-called "water vapor" we are inhaling into our lungs. With the vast array of electronic cigarette & e-liquid suppliers on the market today, choosing the company that's right for you can be a little tricky to say the least. Through our experience in this industry, we have gone through a lot of the trial and error and found which products delivered the optimum performance for the price. We stand behind the products we carry and refuse to carry products that we don't 100% believe in. We also feel that a customer should never be treated as a "test subject".

That's where Texas Select Vapor comes in to help you. Going through many different vendors with various different products lead to an understanding of what works best and how to keep the equipment operating at it's best. Whether you are a long time vaper or just starting out with the products, we will be there for you!

Here at Texas Select Vapor, we strive to provide our customers with the absolute best customer service possible. We encourage you to ask questions, leave comments/reviews, and contact us for any and everything that you might have questions about. We are always open to your suggestions, if there is a flavor of e-liquid or another type of e-cigarette hardware that you would like to see added to the store, let us know!

Our E-Liquids

We also carry a very specialized line of USA E-Liquid that has been custom formulated to work flawlessly with your personal vaporizer. We source all of our ingredients from within the US and pay very close attention to even the smallest details when choosing them. We care about our customers and the community to the fullest extent and refuse to sell any product that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Our liquid is mixed with the highest level of accuracy using ASTM or NIST-traceable measurement equipment to ensure both quality and consistency with our juices. Our liquid is all mixed in our certified ISO 14644:1 Class 7 cleanroom and we do not contract any part of our liquid process out to a 3rd party. All surfaces that are used in the process of e-liquid production are NSF rated stainless steel.

We feel that choosing e-liquid from the numerous vendors that are online can be a tricky process to say the least. The majority of our USA E-Liquid flavors are mixed in a base of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin to provide the best of both worlds in feeding and vapor production. We also offer the ability to customize your liquid with us. If you feel that you have tried a flavor in the past that wasn't quite strong enough, no problem, you can add a flavor boost to help the flavor better come through and appeal more to your taste buds. E-Liquid or E-Juice flavors can be quite subjective and while we cannot guarantee that you will absolutely love a flavor the first time you try it, we can promise you that the highest level of accuracy and thought has been put into each and every flavor that we offer. Shop Our Line Of Gourmet American Made E-Juice.