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Posted by H-Town Tony on 4th Sep 2011

Only Tx Select Vapor for me!!!  (Juicy Peach USA E-Liquid)

I have been vapin for about a year now, tried most of the large distributors in Tx. Other companies always seem to have juice that is inconsistant in taste and ingredients. Tx Select always has great tasting juice, with unsurpassed consistency. I use them exclusively for all my e-cig needs and I am never dissapointed. Juicy Peach is awsome!


Posted by H-Town Tony on 4th Sep 2011

Best in Texas  (Joye 510 Manual Starter Kit)

The guys at Tx Select know what they are doing. Products like this kit are very affordable, authentic, and shipping is always on time. Plus Brett and his staff are very helpful and informative with an emphasis on customer service.


Posted by Shane - Omaha, NE on 5th Sep 2011

My new Ego Starter Kit  (Joye Super eGo Starter Kit)

My wife thanks you. I can now drive her car with my new ecig. I cant believe how much better this is than actually smoking. Fastest shipping I've experienced by far. Can't wait to try your new flavors. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

Posted by Teresa H. - Houston, TX on 5th Sep 2011

Loved this one!  (Buttery Nipples USA E-Liquid)

I odered from Texas Select for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they included this flavor to try. You gotta try this one. I got my pkg in two days and their prices and products are top of the line in my book...and I have ordered a lot of ecig stuff. Will continue shopping with you guys. Thank you!!


Sent in by David M. - Pearland, TX on 8th Sep 2011

Let me start out by saying im very particular about the things I buy and to date everything I have bought from Texas select vapor has been of good quality and at a reasonable price, comparativly. Very impressed with the selection of vapor products and the USA E-Liquid variety seems endless. Anyway if you are looking, you cant go wrong with this supplier of vapor cigs!


Sent in by Rainah and Joe - Conroe, TX on 18th Sep 2011

My husband and I are new to this, and have never tried any flavors other than regular tobacco flavor. We found Texas select Vapor locally. We bought 8 flavors. By the way, the flavors were way better than I expected. Brett was very helpful with all my many questions. He went that extra mile for me and met with me in person rather than making me wait on the mail. Brett is my go to guy for all my e-cig needs and questions. As soon as I get done with this comment, I'm going to see what other products he recommends. Thanks again, Rainah and Joe


Posted by Cameron - on 20th Sep 2011

Yummy Peach!  (Juicy Peach USA E-Liquid)

Juicy Peach is by far my favorite flavor (although most are excellent). It tastes exactly like a juicy peach *AMAZING*! It has a good solid flavor with out being over-powering with just enough sweetness. I love this flavor and if you like peaches you should try it! 


Posted by Mark_89 - on 20th Sep 2011

Exact Match!  (Sweet & Tart USA E-Liquid)

I really like the Sweet-Tart! It is right on! I would have never thought that someone could re-create the sweet and sour so close to the real deal! 


Posted by Joe - on 21th Sep 2011

I like this flavor...yummy!  (Atomic Fireball USA E-Liquid)

I like mixing this one with peppermint candy.  What a sensation! 

It is just like the cereal...good flavor!  (Golden Grahams USA E-Liquid)

I like mixing this one with peppermint candy.  What a sensation! 

Super Great Taste!  (Jr. Mint Chocolate USA E-Liquid)

Really smooth flavor. Tastes just like when you leave a restrauant and eat a chocolate covered mint.  My wife that doesn't smoke wants some with no nicotine just cause she likes the flavor.

Most favorite flavor!  (Oatmeal Cookie USA E-Liquid)

I bought 8 different flavors from Brett. They were all awesome and smooth in their own way, but this one is my favorite.  My wife used to dodge me when I smoked cigarettes, but now she likes the smell of those cookies.

Awesome taste for you peach lovers  (Juicy Peach USA E-Liquid)

I'm not too fond of peaches, but I have to admit it is pretty good.  It isn't overwhelming, but its just enough to taste the peach. After trying 8 different flavors from texas select vaopr, the oatmeal cookie stood out most of all.  All the flavors taste just like their names.  You won't be dissapointed when you try something you think you'll like. There is no chemical taste to it. It really does taste natural.


Posted by David - on 22nd Sep 2011

Grandma's Cookies!  (Oatmeal Cookie USA E-Liquid)

I have tried alot of Bretts E-Liquid and the Oatmeal Cookie is one of my favorites.


Posted by David - on 22nd Sep 2011

TWO WORDS - THE BOMB!  (Golden Grahams USA E-Liquid)

I must say that I haven't had a chance yet to try all of the different flavors that I purchased. I was told that they are all really good and yet I was apprehensive do to how subjective taste can be.  I just grabbed the first bottle in my shipment that I just received and if the rest are anything like this one then I am going to be a dedicated repeat customer.  It isn't everyday that you find a truly good juice.  One that has a special blend that stand out from the rest.  I can honestly say that this is one of the best I have ever tried! ...And trust me I have a box of several hundred dollars worth of juice that is just bland and some of it plain nasty.  I think one of the most important characteristics of a juice since it is so subjective is that the juice truly taste as described.  That would eliminate a lot of issues for most folks if more stuck to a blend that remained true to the description.  This juice truly tastes as described.  "Golden Grahams"  What more could you ask for? 

Posted by Bigicedog via YouTube - on 25nd October 2011

Oatmeal Cookie USA E-Liquid and Golden Grahams USA E-Liquid

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